How It Works

1. Concept

We are offering you a self service platform where you can create and post your own deals. We are not like the other daily deal sites who charge you a massive commission.
You deliver the service. Therfore you deserve full credit for it.
We only charge you a small fee to list your deals (see our pricing schedule.)

2. Create a deal

  • Enter the deal information (title, image, description, fine print....)
  • Choose if the deal is for one city or national.
  • Choose when the deal will be posted.
  • Choose the duration.
  • Choose if the user will buy the coupon on your website or if you want us to generate a free coupon for him to redeem at your place.
  • Choose the options like if you want the deal to be featured or top picked.

3. Pay the fee to post the deal

Once you are done with your deal, you will have to pay the fee to post it.
The fee is computed based on our pricing schedule.
You can pay with credit card, ACH or Paypal.

4. Check the analytics

  • We give you a full report on the activity available in your account.
  • If we have to generate the coupons, you will get the list of all the coupons in your account.
  • You can download any reports in an Excel format.